About PubStumpers

Sensing that the North American trivia-oriented pub games market was relatively untapped and that technological innovations are, ironically, polarizing individuals in theoretically social eating and drinking environments, the PubStumpers concept was hatched.

Based loosely on the British-style pub quiz, PubStumpers is a North America-wide federation of trivia leagues in which teams of contestants compete in weekly live-hosted trivia nights at participating bars. A 12-week season trivia package includes all the game materials and marketing tools necessary to administer a successful trivia league.

All a prospective bar needs is a sound system, an engaging host, an agile bartender and enthusiastic servers to keep the food and spirits flowing.

Any bar or pub, cosmopolitan or rural, corporate franchise or independent "mom and pop" operation, will score a home run with PubStumpers. Launch your league today! If you host it, the players will come!

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